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Principal’s Desk

Prof : Varghese Vaidyan

A caring community is one whose members feel valued, personally connected to one another and committed to everyone’s growth and development.

We all need to feel a sense of belonging, a belief that we are bonded to people. With young adolescents and children, this is particularly important as they navigate the most rapid and challenging period of their growth and development. Early adolescence is a time when young people are developing their identity and competence, a connectivity to others and society and a belief in their ability to effect change and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. They need to explore on unique nature of early adolescence, need guidance in making healthy choices.

However young people fare in early adolescence has a profound impact on the rest of their lives.

Mount Tabor English School since 1994, has set examples of excellence in all the above aspects of child care, personality development and value education. This co-educational CBSE School with an ISO certification is indeed a lighthouse to the needy people of Wayanad.

With the true vision of a future we are endeavoring ourselves to stand out as the best institution of Wayanad, to bring out the best in the younger generation with parent teacher involvement.